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UK Essentials Inflation

Chart of the Week: Week 15, 2016: UK Essentials Inflation

The official CPI measure of inflation picked up in March to +0.5% on the previous year.

/ April 13, 2016
UK Interest Rate

Chart of the Week: Week 10, 2016: UK Interest Rate

Saturday marked the seventh anniversary of the Bank of England's introduction of the emergency 0.5% Bank Rate.

/ March 9, 2016
Private Housing Rental Prices

Chart of the Week: Week 5, 2016: Private Housing Rental Prices

At the end of last week, the Office for National Statistics released an experimental report on the growth in private housing rental prices.

/ February 3, 2016
UK Economic Forecasts

Chart of the Week: Week 49, 2015: UK Economic Forecasts

Last week, the Economic Research Council hosted our fifth annual economic forecasting event, the "Clash of the Titans", where we invited three economic experts to give their forecasts for 2016.

/ December 9, 2015