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Chart of the Week

The turn of the year brought a rapid reduction in NEETs relative to general unemployment. Higher education has had a significant impact on this figure. Whilst employment in 16-24 year olds seems to play a part, a broader assessment presents...

/ September 2, 2021

Chart of the Week

Tax receipts were pummelled due to lower economic activity associated with the COVID pandemic. This chart highlights the development of notable duties that together help to highlight the effect of the pandemic on government income. Use the interactive chart to...

/ August 26, 2021
On the state of UK Business Closures

On the state of UK Business Closures

13.5% of all UK businesses have temporarily closed or paused trading, during the lockdown, with 86.4% of workers in these businesses on furlough.

/ July 16, 2020
Covid 19, alcohol Use and Mental Health

Covid 19, Alcohol Use and Mental Health

Pre-pandemic research found heightened risk from working under certain conditions such as in isolation away from friends and family; extended or shift-pattern working hours, in dangerous environments, under inadequate supervision or at risk from organisational change (restructure/redundancy)- a list that...

/ June 4, 2020