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Chart of the Week

A significant proportion of economic activity occurs but is not captured by official GDP statistics in countries around the world

/ April 7, 2022

Chart of the Week

Since March of 2021, every month but July and December has seen steady growth. The two negative months have had almost no effect on the general trend of consistent and steady growth.

/ March 17, 2022

Chart of the Week

Investors have flocked to those sectors which they believe will benefit from lasting post-pandemic trends, and avoided those that have proven less resilient – with Information Technology up 29% at one extreme, and Energy down 41% at the other.

/ August 27, 2020
Historical Public Sector Net Borrowing

Historical Public Sector Net Borrowing: Post-Covid 19 Forecast

Despite the unprecedented and, as yet, incalculable, cost of government measures, the OBR have stated that ‘we can be confident that the cost of inaction would ultimately have been much higher.’.

/ April 23, 2020