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Chart of the Week: Gender, Disability, Wages and Employment

While non-disabled men’s and women’s wages have been incrementally rising since 2013, those of their disabled counterparts...

/ October 10, 2018
US GDP and Unemployment

Chart of the Week: Week 45, 2016: US GDP and Unemployment

The chart shows that with the exception of 2 occasions, each time the incumbent was ousted at general election, GDP had fallen in the year prior.

/ November 10, 2016
Crime and the economy

Chart of the Week: Week 35, 2016: Crime and the Economy

Despite the experience of the 1980s when crime rose sharply with unemployment, crime rates in the UK have remained static post the financial crisis despite large fluctuations in unemployment.

/ September 1, 2016
UK Labour Market

Chart of the Week: Week 20, 2016: UK Labour Market

Today's labour market statistics (for the first quarter of the year) show that the unemployment rate remained at 5.1%, where it has been since November 2015.

/ May 18, 2016