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Selected Nations' Holding of US Debt vs Total US Export Sales

Holding of US Debt vs Export Sales of Selected Nations

Summary The graph shows the amount of US debt held compared to US export sales by country. It shows that Japan is currently the largest holder of US debt at $1122.9 billion and China the second largest holder at $1112.5...

/ September 12, 2019
Historical GDP of African OPEC Nations vs Oil Price

Historical GDP of African OPEC Nations vs Oil Price

2 million barrels of oil are extracted in the Niger Delta - costing $28.99 to extract each barrel of oil in Nigeria. This is significantly lower than the North Sea oil (at $44.33) but over three times more expensive than...

/ August 4, 2019

US Labour Share of GDP

The world economy cannot sustain itself if the majority of its participants are experiencing a decline in real income. Since inequality is not a self-evident vice, this raises the stakes...

/ February 14, 2019
US GDP and Unemployment

Chart of the Week: Week 45, 2016: US GDP and Unemployment

The chart shows that with the exception of 2 occasions, each time the incumbent was ousted at general election, GDP had fallen in the year prior.

/ November 10, 2016