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UK GCFC vs Current Account Deficit

UK Gross Fixed Capital Formation v.s. Current Account Deficit

The longer Brexit negotiations continue to stall, the longer any votes are delayed and the status-quo persists, the more economic actors will simply revert to their old behaviours...

/ March 1, 2019
UK Average Annual Hours Worked v.s. Productivity

UK Average Annual Hours Worked v.s. Productivity

Time constraints and uncertainty around wider applicability are potential problems with studies such as the one conducted at Perpetual Guardian. Since the 4-day program was only implemented in November 2018, there is no way to tell if a longer time...

/ February 21, 2019

US Labour Share of GDP

The world economy cannot sustain itself if the majority of its participants are experiencing a decline in real income. Since inequality is not a self-evident vice, this raises the stakes...

/ February 14, 2019