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US Labour Share of GDP

The world economy cannot sustain itself if the majority of its participants are experiencing a decline in real income. Since inequality is not a self-evident vice, this raises the stakes...

/ February 14, 2019
US GDP and Unemployment

Chart of the Week: Week 45, 2016: US GDP and Unemployment

The chart shows that with the exception of 2 occasions, each time the incumbent was ousted at general election, GDP had fallen in the year prior.

/ November 10, 2016
US Federal Funds Rate

Chart of the Week: Week 50, 2015: US Federal Funds Rate

The board of the US Federal Reserve meets today, and it is widely expected that they will announce a small increase in their target rate, taking it away from the rock-bottom range of 0 - 0.25% for the first time...

/ December 16, 2015
US Monetary History

Chart of the Week: Week 37, 2015: US Monetary History

The US Federal Reserve are meeting today and tomorrow to discuss monetary policy, and whether they will raise the Federal Funds Target Rate which has been at 0%-0.25% since 2009.

/ September 16, 2015