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UK Workless Households

Chart of the Week: Week 40, 2015: UK Workless Households

The annual study from the ONS on workless households in the UK was released yesterday, and it showed a mixed picture with total workless households continuing to fall but the number of households where nobody has ever worked growing.

/ October 7, 2015
US and UK Recoveries

Chart of the Week: Week 31, 2015: US and UK Recoveries

Last week, we compared the latest UK recession and recovery to historical recessions. This week, we're comparing the UK recovery to that of the US, where despite first quarter growth problems, the recovery from the recession looks strong.

/ August 5, 2015
EU Unemployment

Chart of the Week: Week 18, 2015: EU Unemployment

Eurostat released the latest unemployment figures for the EU at the end of last week, and the headline rate remained at 9.8% for the whole of the first quarter of this year (down from 10.4% in March 2014).

/ May 6, 2015
Duration of Unemployment

Chart of the Week: Week 16, 2015: Duration of Unemployment

The UK labour market statistics released at the end of last week reported continued improvement.

/ April 22, 2015