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Chart of the Week

The turn of the year brought a rapid reduction in NEETs relative to general unemployment. Higher education has had a significant impact on this figure. Whilst employment in 16-24 year olds seems to play a part, a broader assessment presents...

/ September 2, 2021

Chart of the Week: Gender, Disability, Wages and Employment

While non-disabled men’s and women’s wages have been incrementally rising since 2013, those of their disabled counterparts...

/ October 10, 2018
Change in Households' Net Tax/Benefit Position

Chart of the Week: Week 32, 2018: Households, Taxes and Benefits over the Last Decade

Following the 2010 election, Labour lost power to a Conservative -Liberal Democrat coalition, which introduced sweeping austerity legislation. Described by the FT at the time as the’ most drastic…in living memory’, the budget cuts amounted to £81 billion over...

/ August 9, 2018