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UK 18 year olds: Employment, Unemployment and Inactivity

Taxes and Attitudes

Participation in society, crime, tax evasion, and general ‘social cohesiveness’ can reveal much about social preferences when it comes to tax rates and government programs such as wealth redistribution. ...

/ April 25, 2019
UK 18 year olds: Employment, Unemployment and Inactivity

UK 18 Year Olds: Employment, Unemployment and Inactivity

Following the economic downturn, workers aged 18 did not experience the rise in unemployment that their older counterparts. This may be due to the relatively lower cost of employing 18 year old workers to minimum wage positions ...

/ April 11, 2019
Damon de Laszlo

March 2019

We are not in a bad place economically, although politically the world is fractious and unhappy....

/ March 21, 2019
UK GCFC vs Current Account Deficit

UK Gross Fixed Capital Formation v.s. Current Account Deficit

The longer Brexit negotiations continue to stall, the longer any votes are delayed and the status-quo persists, the more economic actors will simply revert to their old behaviours...

/ March 1, 2019