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March 2020

The major drop in commodity prices and the unpopularity of mining is causing exploration to stop and mines to be shutting down. The economic crisis that is affecting raw materials, when the global economy starts to recover, is likely to...

/ March 27, 2020
Covid 19: The Worst Hit Stocks vs Employee Numbers

COVID 19: The Fate of Airlines

On Wednesday the US Senate passed the Coronavirus Stimulus bill, with little time for scrutiny. This is perhaps unsurprising, given the scale and urgency of the health, social and economic crisis gripping the United States. Importantly for the current administration,...

/ March 27, 2020
Clash Of The Titans

Enter the 9th Annual Clash of the Titans Competition

In association with KPMG, the Economic Research Council is running its ninth annual Clash of the Titans economic forecasting competition. Click to hear our economic experts detail their predictions for 2020 and enter your own!

/ November 22, 2019
Average Percentage of Degree-Educated Population vs GVA Growth by Region

UK Regions: Percentage of Degree-Educated Population vs GVA Growth

To varying extents, London has led the UK’s economic growth since the 1990s as a product of financial deregulation which not only boosted GVA but also served to attract more degree-educated ...

/ May 10, 2019