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UK GCFC vs Current Account Deficit

UK Gross Fixed Capital Formation v.s. Current Account Deficit

The longer Brexit negotiations continue to stall, the longer any votes are delayed and the status-quo persists, the more economic actors will simply revert to their old behaviours...

/ March 1, 2019
US Trade with Mexico

Chart of the Week: Week 5, 2017: US Trade with Mexico

The chart shows that the US has been in trade deficit with Mexico since Clinton came to power, with George Bush Jnr presiding over the period with the largest deficit increase; around $29 billion.

/ February 9, 2017
US Trade in Goods with China

Chart of the Week: Week 50, 2016: US Trade in Goods with China

The chart demonstrates the extent to which the two countries’ economies are intertwined and the enormity of the US trade deficit with China, which has only increased in the last two decades.

/ December 8, 2016
UK Central Government Finances

Chart of the Week: Week 11, 2016: UK Central Government Finances

We've updated our annual chart on central government finances per person in time for this afternoon's UK Budget speech.

/ March 16, 2016