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UK Private Rent inflation

Chart of the Week: Week 32, 2016: UK Private Rent inflation

Over the past 5 years, rental prices in the UK on average have remained broadly stable.

/ August 10, 2016
Regional Disposable Income

Chart of the Week: Week 21, 2016: Regional Disposable Income

Data released by the ONS this morning showed that the gap in gross disposable income between the richest region of the UK (London) and the poorest (Northern Ireland) opened up to the largest it has been since records began in...

/ May 25, 2016
UK Income Distribution

Chart of the Week: Week 8, 2016: UK Income Distribution

The Office for National Statistics released a report yesterday on household income for the financial year 2014/15.

/ February 24, 2016
Employment and Earnings

Chart of the Week: Week 3, 2016: Employment and Earnings

Labour market statistics were released today, and they showed another record high employment rate (74%).

/ January 20, 2016