Chart of the Week

Christmas Retail Spending

Chart of the Week: Week 51, 2015: Christmas Retail Spending

Every year, retail sales spike in December in the UK as people spend money on presents and preparations for Christmas celebrations.

/ December 23, 2015
US Federal Funds Rate

Chart of the Week: Week 50, 2015: US Federal Funds Rate

The board of the US Federal Reserve meets today, and it is widely expected that they will announce a small increase in their target rate, taking it away from the rock-bottom range of 0 - 0.25% for the first time...

/ December 16, 2015
UK Economic Forecasts

Chart of the Week: Week 49, 2015: UK Economic Forecasts

Last week, the Economic Research Council hosted our fifth annual economic forecasting event, the "Clash of the Titans", where we invited three economic experts to give their forecasts for 2016.

/ December 9, 2015
UK Average Earnings Forecasts

Chart of the Week: Week 48, 2015: UK Average Earnings Forecasts

The Economic Research Council's fifth annual Clash of the Titans economic forecasting event was held on Wednesday 2nd December, where three economic experts gave their opinions on what will happen to the UK economy in 2016.

/ December 2, 2015