We invite you to explore the data, by clicking on each nation outlined in bold. You will then see companies headquartered in the country displayed on a graph showing the gains in their market capitalisation since the pandemic.

Examining the map, it is clear that the pandemic period reinforced the economic power of the countries hosting tech giant headquarters, meaning large growth for companies from the United States, China and South Korea (Samsung).

While, China slightly surpasses the United States in average growth with 33.52% vs 32.33%, the latter still holds 8 out of the top 10 in the global ranking. Canada and Argentina are outliers -each of them are represented by just one company in the ranking.

The United Kingdom is not represented by any company in the first 50 of the 100 companies that profited the most. Nonetheless, UK companies are in the 93rd and 94th place in the top ranking with Unilever, a household consumer goods producer, and AstraZeneca, a leading pharmaceutical company, respectively.

An interesting case might well be the Netherlands. Their three best performing companies: Prosus, ASML and Adyen, are selected from a highly competitive environment of cutting-edge innovation research in digital shift and chip making. This complementary range of services has offered this small nation the third position in the ranking.

Success in Japan has come from the robotics company Keyence and Chugai Pharmaceutical. Automation practices have been rewarding for big industrial robot manufacturers such as Keyence in Japan. Conglomerates like Apple or Amazon in USA and the government of China, have begun to order a significant number of components for 5G and technologies to replace industrial workers. The Japanese big pharmaceutical company Chugai, has also reported a growth of 30 billion in its valuation. It can be counted along with Roche in Switzerland and Novo Nordisk in Denmark, as companies that benefitted dramatically from the supply of medicines and test technologies related to the development of coronavirus  treatments.


Posted by Aimée Allam