Chart of the Week

Regional Unemployment

Chart of the Week: Week 46, 2014: Regional Unemployment

The UK unemployment rate in the third quarter of this year was announced today, and it has continued to fall to 6% - the lowest level since 2008.

/ November 12, 2014
EU At-Risk-of-Poverty Rates

Chart of the Week: Week 45, 2014: EU At-Risk-of-Poverty Rates

The European Commission released their annual data on poverty rates in the EU this week.

/ November 5, 2014
UK Workless Households

Chart of the Week: Week 44, 2014: UK Workless Households

The annual data on workless households in the UK was released this week, and it showed a record decrease in the number of households without work.

/ October 29, 2014
The Productivity Gap

Chart of the Week: Week 43, 2014: The Productivity Gap

This week, the Office for National Statistics published their annual international productivity comparison.

/ October 22, 2014