Month: July 2018

Chart of the Week: Week 28, 2018: Imports of Machinery and Electronics from China to US vs US Employment in the Manufacturing Sector

Imports from China into the USA have increased more than sixfold in the last twenty years, with the US trade deficit with China currently at $336 billion. ‘Made in China 2025’, the Chinese government drive to dominate the global market...

/ July 12, 2018

Celebrating the NHS’s 70th: Will it Innovate or Stagnate?

In mid-May, Economic Research Council in partnership with Optimity Advisors invited 3 experienced healthcare innovators to share their views at an event titled: ‘Innovate or Stagnate: Can Technology keep the NHS healthy at 70?’

/ July 6, 2018
Historical Annual Returns of Cash vs Stocks and Shares ISAs by gender

Chart of the Week: Week 27, 2018: Gender Split and Returns of Cash vs Stocks and Shares ISAs

In general, women hold more ISAs than men (an average of 52% across ISA products), however in every year displayed, men are more likely to opt for stocks and shares ISAs when they do invest in ISAs. The number of...

/ July 5, 2018