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Chart of the Week

Businesses in recent months had to deal with the major difficulty of hiring and retaining workers, in the current post-pandemic economy, but the latest data suggests that the job market still exhibits strength.

/ March 10, 2022

Chart of the Week: On Human Capital in Africa

56% of children born today will lose over half of their potential lifetime earnings due to...

/ October 18, 2018
Historical UK Unemployment & Vacancies vs Migration

Chart of the Week: Week 29, 2018: Historical UK Unemployment & Vacancies vs Migration

Following the recession, unemployment increased to its highest level since 1995 at 8.4% of the workforce in 2011 Q4. It has since recovered, halving to its current rate of 4.2%, (898,700 persons) , its lowest since 1975. Recent trends in...

/ July 19, 2018