Chart of the Week

Chart of the Week: 20th June 2018: Home Ownership vs House Price to Earnings Ratio

Last year saw the emergence of five London boroughs where houses ‘earned’ more in a year than their owners; most starkly in Barnet, where on average home-owners earned £54.6k net whereas their homes grew in value by nearly £107k.

/ June 20, 2018

Chart of the Week: June 2018: Explore Changes to the UK Economy

The charts show key changes in the UK economy... click to find out more!

/ June 15, 2018
UK Trade with the World

Chart of the Week: March 2018: Explore UK Trade with the World

The map charts the UK trade balance with almost all nations of the world, simply click a country to display!

/ February 15, 2018
GDP per Hour Worked v.s. Employee Engagement

Chart of the Week: Week 4, 2018: GDP per Hour Worked v.s. Employee Engagement

The chart shows that just 8% of UK employees are enthused about their work and work environment in 2016. This represents a fall from 17% in 2012. The chart ...

/ January 25, 2018