Month: January 2018

Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing
GDP per Hour Worked v.s. Employee Engagement

Chart of the Week: Week 4, 2018: GDP per Hour Worked v.s. Employee Engagement

The chart shows that just 8% of UK employees are enthused about their work and work environment in 2016. This represents a fall from 17% in 2012. The chart ...

/ January 25, 2018
Interntional Students' Economic Impact by Region

Chart of the Week: Week 2, 2018: International Students’ Economic Impact by Region

The chart shows the economic impact of the 2015/16 cohort of international students, who on average, contribute £1.7bn to each region displayed. Of the international students in this cohort, an average of 25% originate...

/ January 12, 2018

Historical Publications

1990s Creation of a Civil Economy in Russia – The Need for Mercantilism 1993 – Tony Baron and Robert McGarvey – Download Mr Lawson’s Boom – A Monograph 1990 – Brian Reading – Download 1980s Reflections on Money 1989 –  » Read more...

/ January 8, 2018