Tag: Russia

Damon de Laszlo

December 2015

Apart from the normal and incalculable unknown unknowns, a possible debt explosion or a Putin play, 2016 is likely to see a steady improvement in the economic environment. 2 to 3% growth with near zero inflation is really quite benign....

/ December 22, 2015
Damon de Laszlo

November 2015

We are in the last quarter, the future for North America looks good, Europe confused, China difficult and countries reliant on the production of commodities gloomy. The West and Russia, however....

/ November 19, 2015
Damon de Laszlo

October 2015

China, which is on everyone’s worry list, is doing exactly what it said it would do, and that is reduce the economy’s reliance on exports and infrastructure building. The country generally is becoming .....

/ October 21, 2015
Damon de Laszlo

March 2015

Russia has to be considered to be at a crossroads. The Kremlin’s propaganda against the West and internal dissidents is taking on a life of its own and it is difficult to see how Mr Putin, even if he wanted...

/ March 4, 2015