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Upcoming Event: Michael Mackenzie, Financial Times – 21st November 2018

Michael Mackenzie has been markets editor of the Financial Times since January 2015...

/ October 5, 2018

Chart of the Week: Eurozone Companies’ Plans to Withdraw UK Investment

The chart shows a very pessimistic view of investment in the UK as a result of Brexit. On average, over three-quarters of companies headquartered in the displayed nations have stated their intention to move at least some of their investments...

/ June 26, 2018
UK Trade with the World

Chart of the Week: March 2018: Explore UK Trade with the World

The map charts the UK trade balance with almost all nations of the world, simply click a country to display!

/ February 15, 2018
Changes in Composition of Global Debt

Chart of the Week: Week 28, 2017: Changes in Composition of Global Debt

This chart shows a positive trend in the growth of global debt, growing from $87 trillion in year 2000 to $199 trillion in 2014.

/ July 27, 2017