Wealth and Debt per Adult by Continent

Wealth and Debt per Adult by Continent


The chart demonstrates the vast disparities in wealth per adult across the world. North America and Europe hold 65% of the world’s wealth, whilst only accounting for 18% of the world’s adult population. In contrast, Africa and India have the lowest shares of global wealth (1% and 1.2% respectively). 

What does the chart show?

The black triangles represent the share of global wealth for each region. The green bars signify the total wealth (including financial and non-financial assets) per adult, whilst the red bars denote the average debt per adult. The wealth and debt is in thousands of US dollars and the data is from mid-2016.

Why is the chart interesting?

The chart shows the extent of the disparity in wealth across regions. Europe and North America account for the vast majority of household wealth (65%), but contain 18% of the population. Conversely, India contains roughly 17% of the world’s adult population, but holds just over 1% of its wealth.

The chart presents an interesting relationship between debt and the share of wealth across countries. For every 1% share in global wealth, the average adult in the Asia Pacific region accrued $390 worth of debt. This is in contrast to European and North American adults, who accrued $760 and $1566 for every 1% share of global wealth.

Posted by Aimée Allam