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Economic Confidence

Chart of the Week: Week 12, 2016: Economic Confidence

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Economic Research Council's Chart of the Week.

/ March 23, 2016
EU GDP Per Capita

Chart of the Week: Week 9, 2016: EU GDP Per Capita

At the end of last week, Eurostat released a report on regional GDP per capita across the EU.

/ March 2, 2016
EU Government Finances

Chart of the Week: Week 42, 2015: EU Government Finances

Eurostat announced their updated statistics for European government finances this morning, and the headline figure showed that across the EU, the average deficit improved from 3.3% to 3%.

/ October 21, 2015
EU Youth Unemployment

Chart of the Week: Week 39, 2015: EU Youth Unemployment

European unemployment figures were released by Eurostat this morning, and showed a continuation of the downward trend in the aggregate EU unemployment rate.

/ September 30, 2015