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Italy and Greece: Public Debt vs Non-Performing Loans

Chart of the Week: Italian and Greek Non-Performing Loans vs Public Debt

The chart demonstrates that, although Italy and Greece share a similar narrative in terms of poor loan performance across business, personal and residential loans; they have experienced widely differing outcomes. This reflects....

/ December 13, 2018

Chart of the Week: Historical Chinese Residential Property Market Trends

It would be unremarkable were house prices increasing as a function of total home purchases, however, this graph shows that the key driver of HPI rises is not the fundamental demand for housing. Rather it is in response to...

/ November 28, 2018
Government & Household Debt v.s. Population Density

Chart of the Week: UK Government & Household Debt vs. GDP

Over the past 40 years, government debt as a proportion of GDP has predominantly remained in the 30%-50% range. This trend ended with the financial crisis, after which  government policy has been centered on reducing the debt to GDP ratio...

/ November 22, 2018
Household Debt v.s. Interest Rates and CPI

Chart of the Week: Week 30, 2017: Household Debt v.s. Interest Rates and CPI

The base rate climbed steadily to 5.5% in 2008 before the global financial crash, after which it plummeted to 1.5% within one year as the Bank attempted to stimulate investment and consumption.

/ August 10, 2017