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UK Central Government Finances

Chart of the Week: Week 11, 2015: UK Central Government Finances

With the annual UK Budget due this afternoon, we've updated our yearly chart showing the central government finances per person.

/ March 18, 2015
UK Public Sector Finances

Chart of the Week: Week 48, 2014: UK Public Sector Finances

Government finance figures were released at the end of last week, and they suggested that the government deficit in 2014/15 may end up higher than it was during 2013/14 - and the sixth highest in the last twenty years.

/ November 26, 2014
Historical UK Government Debt

Chart of the Week: Week 17, 2014: Historical UK Government Debt

The latest public sector finances were released this morning, so we decided to update our chart from this time last year showing historical UK government debt going back to 1855 (this time in 2013 prices).

/ April 23, 2014
Global Debt

Chart of the Week: Week 11, 2014: Global Debt

This week, the Bank of International Settlements published their Quarterly Review, which included an interesting chart showing the estimated level of outstanding global debt.

/ March 12, 2014