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Average London House Price vs London Commuters by Workplace

London had the least affordable housing, with a ratio of 11.98, meaning workers required nearly 12 times their annual salary to purchase a home. Although some of the highest wages are concentrated in London...

/ October 17, 2019

Chart of the Week: Gender, Disability, Wages and Employment

While non-disabled men’s and women’s wages have been incrementally rising since 2013, those of their disabled counterparts...

/ October 10, 2018
UK Trade Balance

Chart of the Week: Week 19, 2016: UK Trade Balance

The UK's trade balance statistics for the first quarter of the year were released yesterday.

/ May 11, 2016
GDP Growth by Sector

Chart of the Week: Week 17, 2016: GDP Growth by Sector

The preliminary estimate of first quarter GDP growth was released this morning, and it showed that growth had slowed at the beginning of this year to 0.4% (from 0.6% at the end of 2015).

/ April 27, 2016