The Outlook for the UK Economy


Silvana Tenreyro

Wednesday 2nd March 2022

In addition to its enormous effects on public health and society, two years of the pandemic have also created challenges for the UK economy. At present, increases in the prices of energy and global goods are leading to higher inflation and falling real wages, putting a strain on families throughout the country. Silvana Tenreyro joined us to discuss the outlook for the UK economy and inflation. She focussed on the trade-offs the economic outlook has created for monetary policymakers, when judging how best to bring inflation back to target.

Silvana Tenreyro

Silvana is an External Member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England, having been appointed for a second term in 2020. She is a Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics. She has previously served as the President of the European Economic Association, MPC member of the Central Bank of Mauritius, as well as an economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, having acquired her PhD from Harvard University.



You can view the slides for Silvana’s talk here: Silvana Tenreyro – Slides

Posted by David Dike