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Employment and Earnings

Chart of the Week: Week 29, 2014: Employment and Earnings

While the total level of employment in the UK continues to break records, real average wages are still declining steadily.

/ July 16, 2014
Employment Levels by Qualification

Chart of the Week: Week 25, 2014: Employment Levels by Qualification

The Office for National Statistics released further analysis of the 2011 census results this morning, looking at the link between employment and qualifications.

/ June 18, 2014
UK Labour MarketUK Labour Market

Chart of the Week: Week 20, 2014: UK Labour Market

The official UK unemployment rate continued its sharp decline in the three months to March.

/ May 14, 2014
Employment by Age Group

Chart of the Week: Week 16, 2014: Employment by Age Group

Data released today show that UK employment continued to increase, with the unemployment rate down to 6.9%.

/ April 16, 2014