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Real Average Salary

Chart of the Week: Week 42, 2014: Real Average Salary

In a report released over the weekend, the TUC claimed that the current squeeze in real earnings is the most severe since our records began almost 160 years ago.

/ October 15, 2014
Employee Move Rate

Chart of the Week: Week 41, 2014: Employee Move Rate

The Office for National Statistics has pointed out in this month's Economic Review that the increasing propensity for employees to move jobs is, perhaps even more than falling unemployment, a key indicator of the labour market recovery. 

/ October 8, 2014
Effective Exchange Rate

Chart of the Week: Week 40, 2014: Effective Exchange Rate

The decade leading up to the 2008 financial crisis was characterised by a very high real effective exchange rate, but also a period of serious decline for the UK manufacturing sector.

/ October 1, 2014
European Government Deficits

Chart of the Week: Week 39, 2014: European Government Deficits

UK public sector finances were released yesterday, showing that the deficit so far this financial year is higher than last year.

/ September 24, 2014