COP26 Debrief

The Economic Impact of the Conference


Simon Mundy

Monday 29th November 2021, online

COP26 was eagerly observed, as the world anticipated the commitments that would arise to address the climate crisis. More than 130 heads of state descended on Glasgow to take part in what has been dubbed a critical summit for action on climate change. Simon Mundy joined us to forensically analyse the outcomes of the conference, as well as discuss likely economic consequences arising from it.

Simon Mundy

Simon Mundy is Moral Money Editor at the Financial Times. After starting his career in Johannesburg, he has had stints reporting in London, Seoul, and Mumbai. He is the author of the recently released Race for Tomorrow, an exploratory journey through 26 countries on the front line of climate change, meeting people whose lives are changing due to it. You can find out more about his book here.



Posted by David Dike