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Damon de Laszlo

June 2016

It is likely that Britain will vote to Remain on the 23rd June, as the weight of vested interests will be supported by the status quo and the natural desire not to rock the boat! The entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit...

/ June 5, 2016
Damon de Laszlo

November 2015

We are in the last quarter, the future for North America looks good, Europe confused, China difficult and countries reliant on the production of commodities gloomy. The West and Russia, however....

/ November 19, 2015
Damon de Laszlo

October 2015

China, which is on everyone’s worry list, is doing exactly what it said it would do, and that is reduce the economy’s reliance on exports and infrastructure building. The country generally is becoming .....

/ October 21, 2015
Damon de Laszlo

June 2015

Data gathering technology that is already embedded in your mobile telephone and algorithms could in the near future predict that when you leave a meeting or a restaurant, you will need a taxi to take you to your next destination...

/ June 9, 2015