January 2020

by Damon de Laszlo, ERC Chairman Since November it’s been difficult to “put pen to paper!” The year ended, from a general point of view, incredibly well. Stock markets at an all-time high, economies trundling along, and no major disasters...

/ January 15, 2020

November 2019

The US recovery has held up remarkably well despite Trump-created uncertainty and a worry that ten years of improving stock markets should herald an end to a period of growth and bring in a cyclical re-balancing – in other words...

/ January 15, 2020

Britain & Overseas

Read the Autumn 2019 issue... featuring pieces on inequality, Blockchain, tax cuts and more!

/ November 18, 2019
Top Ten Companies by Market Cap over 20 Years

Top Ten Companies by Market Cap over 20 Years

There have been tech booms and oil crashes, bull and bear markets, and periods of retail dominance. However, two companies which have been models of consistency (at least in regard to market cap) are Microsoft and...

/ November 1, 2019