Month: June 2017

Vacancies v.s. Employment Rate

Chart of the Week: Week 25, 2017: Vacancies v.s. Employment Rate

This chart shows that the overall employment rate has been tracked by the number of available jobs until the financial crash.

/ June 29, 2017
Historical Asset Class Performance

Chart of the Week: Week 24, 2017: Historical Asset Class Performance

This chart shows a snapshot of the performance of different asset classes: UK commercial property, global government bonds and global equity since 2003.

/ June 22, 2017
Changes to Consumer Payment Methods

Chart of the Week: Week 23, 2017: Changes to Consumer Payment Methods

The chart shows that cash remains the most popular method of payment in 2015, although following a sustained downward trend, 2015 represents the first year in which under half (45%) of all consumer payments were made using cash.

/ June 15, 2017
Household Income Distribution

Chart of the Week: Week 22, 2017: Household Income Distribution

The chart shows that average disposable household income for the top quintile of UK households stands at over £67,000 and that of the poorest quintile is just over £13,000, more than 5 times lower.

/ June 8, 2017