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UK Trade Balance

Chart of the Week: Week 27, 2014: UK Trade Balance

Trade deficit statistics have been even more volatile than usual recently, but the UK's trade balance looks like it has been improving slowly.

/ July 2, 2014
UK GDP Growth by Sector

Chart of the Week: Week 22, 2014: UK GDP Growth by Sector

When the second estimate of Q1 GDP was released at the end of last week, the preliminary growth rate of 0.8% remained unchanged.

/ May 28, 2014
Profitability of UK Companies

Chart of the Week: Week 41, 2013: Profitability of UK Companies

There has been quite a contrast in profitability in the services and manufacturing sectors recently, with the services sector at a four year high, while the manufacturing sector is at a ten year low.

/ October 9, 2013