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Global Government Bonds

Chart of the Week: Week 24, 2016: Global Government Bonds

Government bond yields in most advanced economies reached record lows this week, with ten year German bond yields entering negative territory for the first time ever.

/ June 15, 2016
Projected GDP Growth

Chart of the Week: Week 4, 2016: Projected GDP Growth

Tomorrow morning, the preliminary estimate for UK fourth quarter GDP growth will be announced, and we'll get a first impression of annual growth for 2015.

/ January 27, 2016
Global Stock Markets

Chart of the Week: Week 1, 2016: Global Stock Markets

While we've been away over the Christmas break, global stock markets suffered another shock, which once again originated in China.

/ January 6, 2016
International Post-Recession Recovery

Chart of the Week: Week 43, 2015: International Post-Recession Recovery

Preliminary figures released by the Office for National Statistics yesterday suggested that UK GDP growth in the third quarter of the year was 0.5% - lower than the previous quarter's growth rate of 0.7%, and the consensus forecast of 0.6%.

/ October 28, 2015