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Edward Holloway

Memories of Edward Holloway (1906-1985) by Jim Bourlet Edward Holloway was my predecessor as Hon Secretary of the Economic Research Council a position he held from 1954 to 1985 when he unexpectedly died at the age of 79.  » Read more...

/ April 26, 2017

ERC Research Paper 11

ERC Research Papers The New Economics of Energy Security Published July 2006By Sir Bernard Ingham, Professor Colin Robinson and Dr Eileen Marshall CBEForeword by Professor Tim Congdon CBE As covered in The Business newspaper here,  » Read more about: ERC Research...

/ April 26, 2017

ERC Research Paper 10

ERC Research Papers Cost Effective Defence Published October 2006By Lewis Page Britain’s military is in crisis; under-equipped, undermanned, undersupplied and severely overstretched. Spending is not matching aspirations and there is an emerging consensus that this must be addressed.  » Read more...

/ April 26, 2017