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Employee Move Rate

Chart of the Week: Week 41, 2014: Employee Move Rate

The Office for National Statistics has pointed out in this month's Economic Review that the increasing propensity for employees to move jobs is, perhaps even more than falling unemployment, a key indicator of the labour market recovery. 

/ October 8, 2014
European Government Deficits

Chart of the Week: Week 39, 2014: European Government Deficits

UK public sector finances were released yesterday, showing that the deficit so far this financial year is higher than last year.

/ September 24, 2014
UK Trade Balance

Chart of the Week: Week 38, 2014: UK Trade Balance

Last week it was reported that the UK's balance of trade deficit increased to an estimated £3.3bn in July, compared to £2.4bn the previous month.

/ September 17, 2014
Public Sector Net Borrowing

Chart of the Week: Week 35, 2014: Public Sector Net Borrowing

Government financial statistics were released at the end of last week, showing that public sector net borrowing was higher in the first third of the financial year than in any other since 2010.

/ August 27, 2014