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Damon de Laszlo

February 2018

As many of you know, I have always been fascinated by China, a country that in the Middle Ages led the world in technology and then became paralysed by bureaucracy until the 20th century when ...

/ March 19, 2018
Damon de Laszlo

December 2018

While Brexit will progress, it is at least beginning to become less topical, which means that business decisions are being taken and business leaders are getting on with dealing with the issues of delivery of goods and services and expanding...

/ February 19, 2018
UK Trade with the World

Chart of the Week: March 2018: Explore UK Trade with the World

The map charts the UK trade balance with almost all nations of the world, simply click a country to display!

/ February 15, 2018
GDP per Hour Worked v.s. Employee Engagement

Chart of the Week: Week 4, 2018: GDP per Hour Worked v.s. Employee Engagement

The chart shows that just 8% of UK employees are enthused about their work and work environment in 2016. This represents a fall from 17% in 2012. The chart ...

/ January 25, 2018