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Damon de Laszlo

May 2013

The UK Government continues to muddy the waters of recovery. The lack of political leadership along with incoherent economic and infrastructure policies is not helpful. Political attacks on business do not encourage investment, political polarisation and slanging matches over Europe...

/ May 15, 2013
Damon de Laszlo

March 2013

March has been an interesting month. Having just returned from a trip to Singapore, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, Shanghai (with side trips to two regional towns), and a day in Hong Kong, one....

/ March 28, 2013
Damon de Laszlo

February 2013

The pessimists are emphasising a lack of overall pick up in GDP. This makes for good press headlines and discussion for the pontificating pundits. The GDP is inevitably being depressed as the Government ...

/ February 14, 2013
Damon de Laszlo

December 2012

Politically led witch-hunts of legitimate businesses that are compliant with law but don’t seem to be paying enough tax is undermining the reason why so many businesses come to the UK or are successful in the UK. This is a...

/ December 11, 2012