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European Government Deficits

Chart of the Week: Week 39, 2014: European Government Deficits

UK public sector finances were released yesterday, showing that the deficit so far this financial year is higher than last year.

/ September 24, 2014
UK Trade Balance

Chart of the Week: Week 38, 2014: UK Trade Balance

Last week it was reported that the UK's balance of trade deficit increased to an estimated £3.3bn in July, compared to £2.4bn the previous month.

/ September 17, 2014
Sterling Exchange Rate

Chart of the Week: Week 37, 2014: Sterling Exchange Rate

With the Scottish independence referendum due to take place next week, a poll released a few days ago suggesting that the "Yes" vote might actually win sparked panic, causing a fall in the value of the pound.

/ September 10, 2014
EU Unemployment Comparison

Chart of the Week: Week 36, 2014: EU Unemployment Comparison

Eurostat published their unemployment update at the end of last week, showing that the rate across the EU28 has fallen from 10.9% last year to 10.2% in July.

/ September 3, 2014